Confetti Cannons Master Blaster Handheld Co2

Confetti Cannon Master Blaster $75.00


Our Master Blaster Handheld Co2 Confetti Cannon is 42″ X 1″. Simplicity makes this confetti launcher easy to use.  Our  Tissue confetti products will shoot 40′ into the air. Includes 36″ tube of multi colored Flutter Fetti. This confetti cannon shoots 10′ higher and has twice as much confetti as the Mr. Big Shot.

Master Blaster Confetti Cannon CO2Specifications

  • 42″ X 1″ Launcher
  • 36″ tube of multi colored Flutter Fetti
  • 1 – Compression cap
  • 1 – Lifting foam
  • 1 – 16 gram threaded CO2 cylinder

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