Carnival Games

Set the theme with red and white strip carnival tents and game booths.


Bottle Ring Toss

Toss the ring on the bottle and win!

Duck Pond

Everyone is a winner with this deluxe Duck Pond. 2 dozen 2″ rubber ducks included.

Dunk Tank

Toss the balls at the target hit it and dunk the person in the water.

Dunk Tank Foldable

Toss the balls at the target hit it and dunk the person in the water.

Cover the Spot

You must drop the 5 circle plates (no moving them after you drop them) and cover the red dot completely to win.

Stand A Bottle

Use the ring on the pole to lift the bottle and stand it up.

Can Smash Tub Game

Knock them all down and win!

Plinko Tub Game

Drop the coin into the color and win!

Tic-Tac-Toe Tub Game

Three balls in a row wins!

Ring Toss Tub Game

Toss the ring on the peg and win!

Raffle Drum

Place your ticket or entry form in the drum spin and draw a winner!

Kiddie Striker

Show your strength and slam the hammer down! Ring the bell and win!

Wheel of Colors

Spin the wheel match your color and win!

Inflatable 3 in 1 Carnival Games

Three great games in one. Gone Bananas, Star Darts and Touchdown Toss.

Carnival Booths

These red and white stripped carnival tents will add to the authentic look and feel of your event.

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