Red Carpet and Stanchions

Grand entrances or Hollywood themed parties need Red Carpet and Stanchions.

Crowd Control

Crowd control or Barricade’s are the answer to your crowd control needs.

Patio Heater

Extend the time that your guest can enjoy your patio, deck, or outdoor dining area into the cooler seasons with this outdoor gas heater.

Coat Rack

$16.00 per day rental

Collapsable Clothing Rack

$16.00 per day rental

Wooden Hangers

$2.00 qty 10 per day rental

Chrome 12" Number Stands

$1.50 per day rental

Crowd Control

$20.00 per day rental


 $15.00 per day rental

Kerosene Pro Temp Heater

$100.00 per day rental

Patio Heater

$100.00 per day rental

Vintage Lamp Post

$125.00 per day rental

Marquee Sign with Tripod

$40.00 per day rental

Red Carpet

Available in 12ft and 24ft long.

Brass Stanchions

$15.00 per day rental

Chrome Stanchions

$12.00 per day rental

Gold Stanchions

$12.00 per day rental

Brass Red Velour Rope

$7.00 per day rental

Chrome Red Velour Rope

$7.00 per day rental

Gold Red Velour Rope

$7.00 per day rental

Trellis Arbor Gate

$75.00 per day rental

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