Giant Light Bright

Illumination Station / Giant Light Bright

Remember the light bright toys you had growing up? You know, the small handheld peg board with glow in the dark pegs? We’re Having A Party now rents┬áthe newest interactive attraction The ILLUMINATION STATION!! Picture your old light bright but BIGGER and BRIGHTER!


The Illumination Station is a great piece for all ages and all types of different events including Mitzvahs, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate events, conventions and much more.


Looking to brighten up your next event? Here are some ways to utilize the station:

  • Recreate your event logo on the Giant Light Bright and make it into the centerpiece of your event.
  • Use the Giant Light Bright as a team building activity for your next corporate training.
  • Add the Giant Light Bright as an interactive activity for your guests to engage in. Watch and see what kinds of cool designs they come up with. Includes 1 attendant,1 table/custom tablecloth, delivery and setup.


Rental Price:

  • 4×4: $1,195
  • 4×6: $1,595
  • 4×8: $1,795