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Virtual Reality

Choose from a large selection of games like Tilt Brush, Fruit Ninja, Audio Shield and so many more.

Photo Booth - The Strip

The strip offers instant photo strips or full size 4×6 on location.

Classic Arcade Games

Bring the 80’s to your next event with retro arcades.

Hippo Chow Down

Get ready….get set….time to chow down you hungry hippos!

Illumination Station

Remember the light bright toys you had growing up? You know, the small handheld peg board with glow in the dark pegs?

New for 2018 Chaos

Chaos combines the excitement of the Strike A Light reaction game with the twist of the lights being able to change color. Each player will try to hit lights corresponding with their color, which move around the board, creating chaos. Increase your throughput with 4 players in this adaptation.

New for 2018 Ferris Wheel 5 in 1 Combo

Every fun event should have a Ferris Wheel and now’s your chance to add one to your Event. Towering over 17 feet in the air the Ferris Wheel will be the centerpiece of your next event. The Ferris Wheel includes 5 activities along with a large bouncing area on the inside and a carnival game panel on the outside. It is also equipped with convenient attachment points
for hanging rope lighting or other decorations.

New for 2018 Carnival 3 in 1 Games

Your guest will love the 3 in 1 carnival game!! It’s the perfect start to hosting your own carnival themed party with the Inflatable Carnival! This inflatable includes 3 games with vibrant artwork that will make any space feel like a carnival. This 3 in 1 also includes built in rings to display prizes.

New for 2018 Soccer Darts

Soccer darts is the latest sporting craze gaining national attention. It’s literally a giant bulls-eye target made of velcro where players kick a velcro covered ball to collect points. It’s darts you can play with your feet. The Soccer Darts inflatable is very popular so make sure to reserve it today!

New for 2018 Carnival Tents

Set the theme at your next carnival event with these awesome 8′ x 8′ red and white strip carnival tents and game booths.

New for 2018 Arena 20 Spot

Bring your friends together with an out of this world experience! An extraterrestrial, interactive Arena with which you take on your friends and truly find out who is the best. Moreover, you can play this game 1 on 1 or with 2 teams of 2 players.

Welcome to the future

Virtual Reality is here now and it is available for your next event. We offer several different setups from single VR Stations to multi stations like our VR Cube with 2 Oculus Rifts and a HTC Vive experience you wont forget.

Large Festivals and Company Picnics

Holiday Party Décor

When it comes to decorating for special event leave it to us. We will be happy to have a one on one meeting to help you understand, visualize and decide on what will work best for your event. Call today to make a appointment 301-589-5008


Looking for custom centerpieces for your event? Talk to one of our sales team members to make you visions come true.

Lounge Furniture

White and Black lounge furniture to fit your theme.

Dance Floor Decor

Bring the life of the party to the dance floor with custom floor graphics and decorations.

School Fairs and Carnivals

We have everything your need and want for the perfect school event.

Inflatable Rides

A great selection of bounces, games, obstacles and slides!

Carnival Games and Tents

Set the theme with red and white strip carnival tents and game booths.

Food Concessions

All great Fairs have Popcorn, Cotton Candy and Sno Cones.

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